Do Not Self Sabotage Your Success

I don’t believe in laziness and procrastination. I don’t believe there are stupid people or that that negative people don’t want to be happy. I believe that every person wants more from life, but that they don’t always have the best tactics to achieve their desires. Personally, since the moment I started writing my book I was excited to finish…read more
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Dog Entrepreneur

While in Koh Pangan, which is an island in Thailand famous for full moon party, I was sitting in a hostel. Hostels here do a very smart thing, which is they put extremely low prices. This attracts a lot of people, and they make up for loss of income by selling alcohol. Indeed, they even came up with a concept…read more

Controversial Stand Against Overpopulation – Why Judge Judy Has a Point

Have you heard of this controversial person called Judge Judy Sheindlin? She got famous for her reality TV program and her unconventional approach to law. Most people, especially these who know her, will dismiss much of what she is saying just because she is controversial. They will do it, in the same way, they will dismiss Trump. But for all…read more