Do Not Self Sabotage Your Success

I don’t believe in laziness and procrastination. I don’t believe there are stupid people or that that negative people don’t want to be happy. I believe that every person wants more from life, but that they don’t always have the best tactics to achieve their desires. Personally, since the moment I started writing my book I was excited to finish…read more
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Utopia Now – My Blueprint to Creating Utopia on Earth Today

A Utopia is a perfect society, a paradise, or as close to it as possible. It is a society of happiness, fairness, and peace where everyone prospers. It is an idea, which many famous philosophers and writers contemplated about and many people tried to create, to a different degree of success. I studied many of these models but always came…read more

Creating Conversational Win-Win

Once I heard of a conversational technique called Nagging. This technique starts by giving other person a negative feedback (nags) about themselves or what they are doing. This technique builds on idea that one needs to bring others down to bring oneself up. It is often used with the people who others perceive to be of a higher social status,…read more