Effects of Coffee on Our Energy

Coffee is another product over advertised and overused in our society. Small amounts of coffee seem to be good for our health, but it is also easy to over consume it. There is a huge demand for coffee on daily basis with 87% of American population admitting to drinking at least 1 cup per day, being average daily consumption 2,3…read more

Food Waste is a Serious Problem

Each year up to 40 percent of all food in the United States goes to waste which amounts to $165 billion total loss for the economy. Food waste in the West has become a hot topic because of its environmental and humanitarian implications. A report last year found up to half of the food produced worldwide was wasted because of poor…read more
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7 Internet Tool You Need To Use Today

Average person is estimated to spend over 4h30m per day on digital media, which includes Internet, smartphones and other Internet connected gadgets. Considering our daily exposure to TV, Radio & Print media the total number of daily hours go up to 11h50m, leaving only 3h for other activities like socializing, shopping & cleaning the house, reported The Huffington Post. Considering…read more