Motivation – A Necessary A** Kick We Need From Time To Time

People are afraid of negative emotions and try to avoid them like a cancer. Little do they realize that negative emotions are necessary, because they tell us that something is wrong in our lives.

As Einstein once said that “darkness is absence of light” and therefore negative emotions are absence of positive emotions. If we feel negative, we need to take action, which is a positive indication.

Many people were raised with parents who never said a single bad word to their children and therefore we have a lot of spoiled people now-a-days. When we have it too good for long-time we often need someone to kick our ass to return us to the real world.

Other people use money to solve their problems without really solving the underlying problems. They are simply postponing them.

I’m not saying we should avoid money, but we should know how to use it. Most people are said to live in debt or on a social welfare while they buy all the wrong things. This is just an example of negative feedback from the world requiring a change.

Overall: don’t be afraid of negative emotions + kick your own ass from time to time

Article by Roman Russo

Author, Blogger & Happiness Coach. Just published my first book called - HOW TO ACT NORMAL !!! It is about how Marketing failing to make us Happy and what we can do about it. Indeed, we are surrounded my marketing every day, but we seldom think what is an accumulative effect of all these ads does to our Psychology and Happiness. Still, happiness today and forever is possible. The only thing we need it to change the way we think! The goal is to make this world a happier place for everyone to live, as happier world will be a better place to live in. Do you agree? Please help me spread this cause!