“One individuality, please”: How Much Do Our Egos Really Cost

Current western society is directed to the notion of freedom. Every individual, every decision, every actions, are all directed towards the increase of individual freedom. We need to have more money, more fun, more holidays, more high-tech devices, more, more, more… Additionally, we want less work, less stress, less people telling us what to do, less rules, less, less, less……read more
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10 Reasons to Turn Off your Computer, Phone & TV (right now)

Unless we are working, having switched on computer, a smart phone, a television, or any other similar information technology, may be something that we should consider switch it off immediately. Why is it so? 1 - Popular online, not popular in real life - Media, specially social media, creates illusion of being social, illusion of having friends and simply satisfying the social needs. The truth for the…read more