Controversial Stand Against Overpopulation – Why Judge Judy Has a Point

Have you heard of this controversial person called Judge Judy Sheindlin? She got famous for her reality TV program and her unconventional approach to law. Most people, especially these who know her, will dismiss much of what she is saying just because she is controversial. They will do it, in the same way, they will dismiss Trump. But for all…read more
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Utopia Now – My Blueprint to Creating Utopia on Earth Today

A Utopia is a perfect society, a paradise, or as close to it as possible. It is a society of happiness, fairness, and peace where everyone prospers. It is an idea, which many famous philosophers and writers contemplated about and many people tried to create, to a different degree of success. I studied many of these models but always came…read more

My 6 Pack Is Not Enough

I am happy to publicly announce that I have a 6 pack. I am however sadden to say that it is not enough. For years I was pursuing the idea that if I get a 6 pack I will be complete, meaning that I will get respect of fallow men and interests of desired women. In my mind I always imagined…read more