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A, B, C of 10 Day Meditation – Buddhism, Meditation, & Happiness

The goal of Buddhism is to end all suffering: Buddhism = End Suffering This is what I learned when I participated in a 10 Day Meditation retreat, which I have done at Wat Suan Mokkh (aka Garden of Liberation) located in Surat Thani, Thailand. This is the post about my experience and what I have learned during these 10 days.…read more
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Escaping the Smoking Trap – For Non-Smokers, Heavy Smokers & Everyone in Between

Whether you have never smoked in your life, you are a heavy smoker, or you are somewhere in between, I recommend you read this. Specifically, these of us who never smoke got lucky, and everyone else unlucky, as simple as that. The lucky people were lucky enough to avoid the smoking trap, while unlucky ones to fall for it. As…read more
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How To Spot Self-Sabotaging Your Success & Happiness

I don’t believe in laziness and procrastination. I don’t believe there are stupid people or that that negative people don’t want to be happy. I believe that every person wants more from life, but that they don’t always have the best tactics to achieve their desires. Personally, since the moment I started writing my book I was excited to finish…read more
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining – Judge Judy Solves Overpopulation

Have you heard of this controversial person called Judge Judy Sheindlin? She got famous for her reality TV program and her unconventional approach to law. Most people, especially these who know her, will dismiss much of what she is saying just because she is controversial. They will do it, in the same way, they will dismiss Trump. But for all…read more