Psychology Of Happiness

Happiness Is Environmental – How To Optimize Our Surroundings So We Are The Happiest

Some dogs will bite without a reason. They will do so not because they are trained so. Rather their environment puts so much stress on them that they do not distinguish us from any other environmental threat. For these dogs, we are just another threat, so it bites us in order to protect itself. These are unhappy dog. A happy dog…read more
Psychology Of Happiness

Smiling, Laughing, and Other Body Language Sings of Happy People

Statistically speaking Norway, Denmark, and Iceland are said to have the happiest counties on Earth today[1]. I don’t really like this statistic, as it correlates people level of GDP, healthy life expectancy, and other socio-economical variables to their level of happiness. For me, this is not enough to claim someone to be happier than someone else. What I would like…read more
Psychology Of Happiness

The Happiness Equation – by Neil Pasricha – Happiness Book Review

I decided to read and review every possible book on happiness, as well as different happiness advice we see in videos, audio books, and other sources. There are many books to read, but I feel excited about what other authors think happiness is, with my first review covering: The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything, by…read more
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Why Mature People Don’t Obsess Over Naked Bodies

"Everyone here is dressed in bikinis!” - This was my first reaction when I just arrived to a warm paradise island in Thailand called Koh Phi Phi. I just landed from a colder climate and the middle of the winter in Netherlands where an idea of seeing a semi-naked people on a street was preposterous, and now they were everywhere.…read more
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Facebook Manifesto – 10 Step For Using Facebook So It Doesn’t Use You

On average, people are estimated to up to 40 minutes per day using Facebook (FB). Regardless of how many minutes a person actually spends browsing Facebook and how long Facebook stays open in a browser, most people will agree that this time could be better spent by doing something more productive. Thus, to get some extra time for work, study,…read more
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Should I Get a Tattoo? Discovering Psychology Behind Every Tattoo

Walking down the streets of the world I constantly run into tattoo shops or people with tattoos, which makes me wonder whether I should get one too. Reasons to Get Tattoos As getting tattoo usually requires more thought than buying a coffee, I often wonder what are the reasons people get tattoos. After asking around people who have tattoos I…read more