Rescued Food Amsterdam

Today was my first visit to De Nieuwe Anita. This is a vegan rescue food restaurant meaning that they serve rescued food from being thrown away by supermarkets due to their exceeded expiry date. Most of the food thrown away in this fashion is still good and it tastes very good, which is why all around the world there is…read more

Is Pokémon Go For You?

I picked up Pokémon Go because my flatmate did. We were both invited to a party of YouTube’s and the main topic of conversation was of course this app, so I needed to catch up. I was interested what makes Pokémon Go into a new social trend. I gave it a serious consideration and came up with 5 pros and…read more

Kick Own A** – for Motivation.

People are afraid of negative emotions and try to avoid them like a cancer. Little do they realize that negative emotions are necessary, because they tell us that something is wrong in our lives. As Einstein once said that “darkness is absence of light” and therefore negative emotions are absence of positive emotions. If we feel negative, we need to…read more

Drink Coffee – Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy

At a Nutrition seminar, with Dutch leading nutritional coach (Jasper Alblas), I was listening to different benefits of eating healthier. The benefit that I remember the best was that better food equals more energy, better concentration and overall better performance. Respectively, if a person eats a lot of junk food, he will not be as energetic, concentrated and productive. This…read more

Creating Conversational Win-Win

Once I heard of a conversational technique called Nagging. This technique starts by giving other person a negative feedback (nags) about themselves or what they are doing. This technique builds on idea that one needs to bring others down to bring oneself up. It is often used with the people who others perceive to be of a higher social status,…read more