Psychology Of Happiness

Utopia Now – My Blueprint to Creating Utopia on Earth Today

A Utopia is a perfect society, a paradise, or as close to it as possible. It is a society of happiness, fairness, and peace where everyone prospers. It is an idea, which many famous philosophers and writers contemplated about and many people tried to create, to a different degree of success. I studied many of these models but always came…read more
Psychology Of Happiness

Viral Trump Post – Will New President Of USA Will Make Us Happy?

After writing this post I received a lot of negative comments from Trump "dislikers". This is to say that while Trump was a controversial figure before the election, he is even more so right nowadays. Still, I didn't want to edit this post too much, as while information here is not anymore most relevant, it captures the energy of the time…read more
Consumption & Happiness

Why September Is The Happiest Time To Be Alive – If You Love TV-Series

FOR ALL TV-SHOW FANS, TODAY I MADE AN ASTONISHING DISCOVERY! As usually, I viewing trailers for upcoming new TV shows to find the ones that I am truly interested in watching, when I noticed the following: Specifically between 20 September and 26 September there are a HUGE amount of new series and new seasons for old popular series coming our…read more